Over the past three years I’ve maintained this blog, sometimes more frequently than others, but it has always been a food blog. However, with my departure for the next phase of my life coming quickly (ten days as of May 13) I have decided to take Petite Kitchn in a different direction.

I am moving to Moran, Wyoming for five months to work at Jackson Lake Lodge, a guest resort in the Grand Tetons. My exact job title is “Corral Wrangler” which basically means I will be taking care of the horses on the property as well as taking guests out on trail rides. I will be living with a roommate, enjoying communal bathrooms, and subsisting on a meal plan. The way I see it, it’s going to be something like an adult summer camp.

While I will still blog about food, my main focus will be living in the West, working with the horses and guests, posting pictures of the Grand Tetons, and other musings about life. It has always been my plan to wean myself off social media while I’m there so starting next Sunday I will begin deleting my accounts (Twitter first, then Facebook, then maybe Instagram though I might keep this one for pictures). Thus this blog will become my main point of contact when it comes to telling people about my trip. I want to use my time in Wyoming to its max — writing short stories, tweaking my five year plan, getting in touch with nature. The less distractions the better, and social media tends to be my greatest distraction.

So while I’m at Jackson Lake Lodge let me know what topics you might be interested in hearing about. At this moment I have no idea what to expect, which is similar to how i felt about college. I ended up loving Baltimore so much and I hope to return someday. So anything could happen.

Next week I will post about my three day road trip out to Wyoming and then bi-weekly after that — I’ll decide the exact days once I get a better feel of my schedule.

So until then, prepare yourself for something a little different!


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