Vegan on Vacation Part 2

Sadly Spring Break 2013 is drawing to a close, just as my skin finished peeling and my tan finally started to get legitimate. But I go back to Baltimore with a full stomach from lots of delicious food so that’s all that really matters right? Good thing because I doubt I’ll even have time to eat with the amount of work waiting for me back at the Hop.

I picked out a couple of meals to share with all of you to illustrate my dining experience while in Florida. For breakfast everyday I just had a bagel with jelly so that’s pretty unexciting. Lunch usually consisted of something by the beach; I ate at Quinn’s at the Marco Island Marriott twice. Once I had the Marco Island Salad, which was amazing, and the next time I had the Black Bean and Quinoa burger, which was less than exciting. But more on the salad. It was a mix of lettuce, mango, red pepper, sliced almonds and banana nut croutons, with a papaya seed vinaigrette. The vinaigrette in itself was delicious, not overly sweet but flavorful enough to complement the mango and red peper well. The mangos were perfectly ripe, but what really stole the show were the croutons. They tasted like mini banana bread loaves and were so incredibly delicious that when I went back and got the burger I had my mom order the salad just so I could steal them. A good banana bread to me isn’t too sugary and desserty, which croutons obviously aren’t, so the combination of the two made for a perfect topping.


A less stellar meal I had was a take out vegetarian burrito from Nacho Mama’s on Marco. Granted I know it can be difficult for Mexican restaurants to make an interesting burrito that differentiates themselves from others. But Nacho Mama’s hadn’t even seemed to try. I asked for jalapenos and instead of including them in the burrito they just gave me little container with a max of ten. It cost me 75 cents extra on top of what was already an 11 dollar meal. Instead of having their own hot sauce they included little generic packets in the take out bag. Basically it came down to being some sauteed peppers and onions wrapped in a tortilla. I could have made it myself for under a dollar.


But in a turn for the better we stumbled upon another restaurant in at the Marriott called Kurrents. I was a bit hesitant at first because the only thing they listed that I could eat was a “Vegetarian Option.” When we got there they informed us that it was tofu with cauliflower and mushrooms. Although it didn’t sound like much it ended up being the best meal of the trip. The cauliflower was in some kind of sauce that made it seem creamy, the mushrooms were fresh and the tofu was perfectly grilled. And for those of you who are non vegan readers, my parents equally loved their meals. Not to mention the service was impeccable; when my dad received an appetizer with bad tuna he sent it back the manager came over and apologized, offered free dessert and continually checked in for the rest of the meal to make sure everything was perfect.


I hope you all had as restful a week as I did. Now back to the grindstone… Get ready for my ice cream recipe coming up this week!


2 thoughts on “Vegan on Vacation Part 2

  1. great pictures! that’s sad about Nacho Mama’s. i love the one in Canton (not sure if it’s a chain or entirely different restaurants; probably the latter). looking forward to the ice cream recipe!

    • I believe they are different restaurants. It’s a catchy name so I’m glad there’s at least one good Mexican restaurant out there with it. As for the ice cream… look for it later today or early tomorrow!

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