Tour of the Freshmen Cafeteria (Guest Post!)

Today I have a special guest post from one of my friend’s on campus. Over the next few weeks I will be doing vegan reviews of the places to eat on campus. What better way to start it off than with a senior going back to the freshman cafeteria. It’s also great to have someone else’s perspective on vegan eating, especially someone who is still making the transition. Enjoy!

Hi, I’m Vegan Collegiate’s senior friend! I am honored to have an opportunity to write for her and share some of my passion for food and healthy living!

Today some of our cute freshie friends offered to take us back to this place of our so called, “youth”. OHHHH to be young again! As a senior, there are definitely a few things I miss about being an underclassman. However, nothing quite sums up freshman year

like the freshman cafeteria. Oh yes, the epicenter of the freshman social scene, the location in which all chow down, and most of all, that of freshman sexual tension. I will never quite forget when I spotted my first college crush… sweaty after a grueling pre-season football game, as he nommed down on 5 slices of pieces, 3 chicken legs, a hamburger, and a large side salad drowning in Ranch Dressing, ohhh and I can’t forget two plates of French fries. I was smitten. Yes, those endless French fries aided in his solid weight gain I noticed as I creeped on him in the cafeteria. That said, I also fell victim to those freshman 15. Every meal became an event…first course, second course, third course….on and on! And then, one more plate of French fries!

Upon entering, I felt like I’d stepped back in time. So many memories! Since my freshman year, so much had also changed in the cafeteria, specifically on the food front. I was thrilled to see so many vegan options! Though I only tested out being vegan for a month (my steady streak was broken by the temptation of a Thanksgiving feast) I still try to make conscience decisions to eat more vegan meals.

In my total of four trips back and forth to the self-serve cafeteria stations I acquired quite a spread. My vegan coconut carrot soup was the delicious beginning to a HUGE hearty salad! YUMMMM. And sautéed mushroom with rice was also much enjoyed! Yes, the pizza and chicken wings still prevailed, yet if you look between the cracks I was amazed at the outcome of my meal. Taking veggies from different stations proved to be a great way to make an interesting sald. I.e. the Asian sautéed broccoli from the Asian station was a yummy addition to the barbequed carrots and peppers I was delighted to find at the grill station.

Freshman Throwback... So many options

Freshman Throwback… So many options

So many people think it’s too difficult to hold onto special dietary choices in college, but today’s experience really made me realize what a blessing a cafeteria could be to a vegan. There were so many different options (the sweet and sour tofu was delish). Yes, I could imagine the soup and salad bar would get old fast, but a trip to the sandwich bar loaded with fresh veggies, or a meatless stir-fry could do just the trick. I admit the fact that I’m not eating at the freshman caf for every meal, dramatically alters my opinion on it’s quality, thus, I had a very enjoyable experience both on the food front, and in getting back in touch with that freshman still within me. Plus—there were definitely some cute freshman boys!

Just to let all my other readers know if you’re ever interested in writing a guest post just e-mail me at… I’d love to get lots of different perspectives on here, especially non-vegan ones.


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