Getting A Little Raw

Happy Thursday everyone!

As finals week looms in the near future I’m trying to be as active as possible here so I can make up for the inevitable lack of posts once my tests begin. However, I think it is a distinct possibility that blogging may become a procrastination tool, albeit a productive one.

I want to introduce this recipe with a bit of a confession. I’m a not a good cook, nor a particularly good baker. I’ve tried my hardest to improve and I definitely have, but still 99% of my finished products are failures. Fortunately, these failures rarely diminish my desires to continue. For better or for worse, this cooking blog wil continue to be, a cooking blog.

But the following recipe. It is the best one yet. Not only was it original, it was amazing. I have really been craving chocolate recently, but I didn’t want to splurge calories at the local vegan bakery. So instead, after getting some inspiration from The Minimalist Baker, I decided to walk down the untraveled route of vegan desserts. And what a successful journey it was.

Now, I love dates. If you don’t love dates I feel sorry for you because they are an incredible gift to my dessert craving. Low in calories, high in nutrition, and they taste amazing. I looked into my cupboard (aka an ottoman under my bed full of my cooking/baking supplies), saw that I had peanuts and chocolate, and I had my inspiration. Raw, chocolate, peanut butter brownies. After a quick trip to the campus convenience store that surprisingly has fresh dates, I was ready. I broke out the blender and made the brownie.



6 fresh dates, pitted

Quarter cup of peanuts

Half cup of cocoa powder


Simple and nutritious ingredients!


1. Blend peanuts in blender on high until they are well ground, almost peanut butter consistency.

2. Add cocoa powder and blend on low until the nuts and cocoa are well mixed.

3. Add one date at a time, blending until it has been incorporated into the mix. Once all the figs are added, blend until the mixture is an almost crumbly consistency, but can easily be molded together. If it still too crumbly add another fig or a little bit of water.

4. Mold into a brownie shape and put into the refrigerator until the brownie can be cut easily into sections.

Of course I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now my photographs aren’t the best, especially seeing as they are taken with an iPhone. And my brownie wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world. But don’t judge a brownie by its photo, or a book by its cover, and take my word for it that this dessert is amazing, and actually pretty good for you as well.

Not the prettiest, but the most delicious

Also pitting the dates was a fun exercise on top of it all.

Until next time!


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