Vegan Collegiate Does San Francisco Part 2

So I got you guys covered for half of my more interesting meals, now just a couple more…

After my Thanksgiving meal, I doubted that anything was going to be able to come close to the uniqueness and scrumptiousness. And yes, I was right. The Fig Cafe definitely won the dinner of the vacation. However, the following night we went to The Harvest Moon Cafe, also in Sonoma, and once again they were great about my veganism. Our waiter pointed out what was vegan on the menu, what he could make vegan, and offered to just compile all the side veggies from the meat dishes into one dish. I was tempted for a moment to go for the veggie meal, but I love pasta to ever say no to it. I ended up getting their homemade pasta with local mushrooms and olive oil. Maybe not the most impressive meal, but it was delicious! I’d go as far as to say the mushrooms were some of the best I’ve ever had. I started the meal with a parsnip and potato soup, which was perfect for a Fall meal, and I got biscotti for dessert. The biscotti were definitely delicious, but without eggs they were quite crunchy and a little too hard. But still quite yummy.

Mushrooms and pasta… doesn’t get much better

All in all I definitely give Sonoma’s restaurants a thumbs up for being vegan friendly, home grown, and delicious. Now maybe it’ll give me some inspiration for cooking in my own kitchenette….

Although this doesn’t really fall under the category of Sonoma’s fine dining, I had Jamba Juice for the first time en route to San Francisco. I have really been missing out. I got the acai, blueberry, strawberry soy milk smoothie and it was not only delicious but incredibly filling. Definitely look forward to homemade smoothie posts in the near future.

Until next time!


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