Figuring it Out

It’s taken a little while but I’m finally feeling more comfortable cooking my own food in this abominable kitchen. It really is an important skill I need to learn as next year I won’t have a choice but to cook when I’m in my own apartment.
In this post I’m going to start a list of things that work well made before hand/frozen and a list of things that don’t work as well…
Successful pre-made meals:
Brown rice
Spreads like my vegan Nutella

Unsuccessful pre-made food:
Sweet potatoes- I made some sweet potato fries on Monday and ate them Tuesday. Even in that short amount of time they started to get green spots and tasted much less flavorful than when I first made them. Fortunately making the fries takes no time at all so that’s an easy side to make when I want them.

Things I want to make and refrigerate:
Whole meals?

I also have some refrigerated pre-made chickpeas so I’ll let everyone know how they are!

Some last thoughts…
I made an amazing curry last night with brown rice I made ahead of time, some button mushrooms sliced up thin, and frozen peas. I unfortunately caved and used the canned curry sauce I got from Trader Joe’s but to be honest it was amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to make anything nearly as good without a good amount of time or spices.
Here’s a picture!

Mushroom and pea curry!

So what do you guys usually make and then refrigerate?

I’ll continue to add to the list… as I figure it out!


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