My Addiction

It has been a great weekend for cooking and college veganism… parents weekend! Which means my darling mother came and took me grocery shopping. With no budget I got to by as much brown rice, pumpkin butter, and sweet potatoes as I could possibly want. And with so much food around I felt inspired to use it. I pre-made chickpeas with peanut sauce, brown rice, even sweet potato fries. But more importantly I took advantage of a slower week to make my favorite creation… vegan nutella!!

As a side note before I begin I also want to add I had my first vegan candy bar… Go Max Go’s Joker, or basically the vegan version of a Snickers. It was amazing, of course.

Now, onto bigger and better things. Vegan Nutella. The combination of my two favorite things. I took advantage of my mom being here to buy fancy, organic hazelnuts. OK to be honest I didn’t actually want to buy $12.99 a pound nuts but apparently these guys are hard to find anywhere! They didn’t have any at the local Trader Joe’s and only the over-priced ones at Whole Foods. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. So I bought the hazelnuts.

This, like most of my college recipes, is going to be a bit experimental because of my lack of preparation, time, and resources. Adopted from Chocolate Covered Katie’s healthy Nutella this is a bit less complicated but I think equally delicious. I also consider this to be my first own recipe as it really is using my knowledge of cooking!


2 cups hazelnuts

1/4 cup carob powder

1/2 milk

Three packets of Sweet n’ Low (I’m sorry for this one but it was literally the only sweetener I had…)


Toast hazelnuts until lightly toasted (watch them carefully! They burn easily) at 400 degrees. Scrub the skins off of them and blend in blender for about a minute and a half, or until they’ve made a sort of butter. Then add rest of the ingredients and blend until mixed well. It helps to blend a little and then stir with a spoon to make sure everything is mixing well.

Delicious. Of course I promptly ate a disgusting amount of it (can anyone say Sophomore 75?). A few adjustments I would make… A little more sugar. It doesn’t need it but to really seem Nutella like it could have been a little sweeter. Also be careful of how much carob you put in… I don’t actually have measuring cups so I put in a little too much and it covered the hazelnut more than I would’ve wanted. All in all I don’t think it needs much more added. I know some people put oil in to make it smoother but I think these just add unnecessary calories.

Here are some pics of the process!

Pre blending


Post blending

Finished product… Almost gone already



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