Tofu: A Semi-Love Story

Whenever I first tell people that I’m vegan the first question they ask is usually, “What do you eat?!” I always answer about the same, and the list never includes tofu. I just have to admit it. I don’t like it. I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste. However, I do like the lo-cal way to get great protein. So begins my semi-love of tofu. On this blog I will chronicle my journey through this relationship, hopefully ending up on the other side with a true, undying appreciation of the soybean product. But for now I have other plans.

I have begun to mask tofu into my palate. It all started yesterday when I used Happy Herbivore’s tofu parmesan recipe. I knew if I pressed the shit out of the tofu, baked it to a crisp, and slathered it in marinar sauce, there was no way I’d be forced to taste the slimy, blandness of it. And I was right! Once the tofu was stuffed into a pita wrap with the sauce, I could only taste the seasonings and the sauce. A perfect vegan alternative to chicken parmesan, while also helping me with my daily protein intake. And thus begins the tofu rendezvous.

Just as a little sunshine at the end of my post, I included a picture of the kale salad I had for lunch. I was craving salad, but also something warm. So I sauteed some peppers, onions, carrots, pineapples and cherry tomatos in water, squeezed in lemon juice and honey, and mixed it all with the kale. Incredibly delicious.


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