Welcome to the Wonderful World of Vegan

Hello all! I know, many of you saw the title of this blog and immediately thought… oh no here is another hippie college student who is trying to convert the world to veganism. In fact I am none of those things, except a college student of course. I am a rising sophomore at the Johns Hopkins University, a horseback rider, a sorority member, a writer, and of course, a vegan. This blog is dedicated to my attempt at survival through college, dealing with vegan road bumps and other obstacles.

Now let’s be honest – being vegan is hard. No matter how many vegan blogs I follow or how many recipes I try to get through, it doesn’t get easier. And as a side note I am no chef. But I believe practice makes perfect, and this blog will chronicle my success but also my failures in the vegan kitchen.

So what can you plan to find on this blog? A simplified vegan. I don’t want to spend hours searching for random ingredients in far off whole food stores. I want easy, fast recipes that are low fat, delicious, and include ingredients that I can find at the local Giant supermarket. I’ll also include product reviews and other anecdotes about my college experience.

Just to be clear, very few of the recipes I feature on this blog will be my own original. But I will be sure to always properly credit those who came up with them, while highlighting any changes I have made. I also find it important to point out that I am vegan only in the food I eat. I am not going to lecture on living a minimalist lifestyle, or why the treatment of animals in the food industry is horribly fucked up. This is just a little insight into the life of a Vegan Collegiate.


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